Lake Michigan Nephrology


A new diagnosis of high blood pressure can be daunting, especially when you need multiple medications and it is difficult to control. Our focus as nephrologists, is to make sure that we find the combination of affordable medications that works best for you, and provides you the best protection from getting heart or kidney disease in the future.

We are the only practice in Southwest Michigan offering 24 hour home BP monitoring also called Ambulatory BP monitoring for accurate diagnosis and management of high blood pressure.


Kidney disease can be caused by chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and smoking. Kidneys finely regulate your blood pressure and get rid of excess salt and fluids from the body.

At your first visit, our focus will be on determining the cause of your kidney disease. When that is established, we will focus on slowing the progression of kidney disease by controlling your risk factors. Since kidney disease is silent- we will check blood or urine tests at intervals based on your stage of kidney disease.




Dialysis is usually initiated when the kidney function is close to a gfr of 10 or less or when other toxins or electrolytes become deranged or you start having symptoms from decreased kidney function.

For advanced CKD our care will focus on dialysis planning and referral to kidney transplant center individualized to your care and preference. We will make a referral to a surgeon for dialysis access placement based on the modality you choose. We have the resources to help you prepare for dialysis.



We will refer you to and we work closely with our nearest Kidney Transplant centers-

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and Mercy Health St.Mary’s Hospital, Grand Rapids.

Or any other transplant center of your choice to improve your chances. We will continue to care for you after a successful kidney transplant in coordination with the transplant center.